5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

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There has been a dramatic shift in the way global companies manage their customers today. The world is moving away from the conventional methods to serve the customers such as – fax machines or letters and has started embracing novel ways to interact with customers. In the last few years, there has been an exponential proliferation in the companies implementing newfangled technologies such as – Cloud & AI to serve the customers. A balanced omnichannel customer experience has a profound impact on raising the quality standards, retention rate, and revenues.

An Urge to Embrace Omni-channel Customer Service:

Omni-channel customer service unifies the power of text, instant messaging, email, and social media to allow the customer to easily navigate across multiple channels. This facilitates firms in creating an unparalleled brand experience. A study by Aberdeen Group, reveals that firms which are successful in offering a consistent service quality across multiple channels are able to retain 89% of their customers. On the contrary, the retention rate for firms unable to maintain a consistent service quality across multiple channels was as low as 33%.

Tips to Improve Omni-channel customer service:

Here are some of the best practices to elevate the standards, reach, and brand image of your firm using an omnichannel service strategy.

1. Socialize with your Customers through ‘Social Media’:

Once said by a globally renowned American author – Late Benjamin Franklin ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’Disregarding the crucial role of Social media is one of them. The primary reason behind the triumph of many successful corporations is they have successfully leveraged the power of social media to interact with the customers. Being responsive is the most crucial aspect of it. The research suggests that almost one-third of the clients expect the companies to reply to their queries on social media within half an hour. At present, the average response time stands at 157 minutes or 2 hrs. 37 min which is still more than five times higher.

To emerge as a conquistador on social media, it is pivotal to provide effective training to the employees to curtail their response time. This practice will improve customer experience, strengthen existing customer relationships, and will cultivate new ones for the greater good of the organization.

 2. Enhance the Mobile Experience:

In the last decade, there has been an expeditious surge in the adoption of mobile phones globally. Nowadays, mobile phones are being used for e-shopping rather than calling. However, the research suggests that 9 out of 10 customers are dissatisfied with the customer service experience they received on mobile. Challenges in navigating the website, incorrect display, slow loading speed, and lack of mobile-friendly websites were identified as the top reasons. The firms must focus on augmenting their mobile experience by optimizing their websites to drive customer engagement.

3. Content – Heart & Soul of Superior Customer Experience:

Being a Content writer for almost a decade, I can vouch for the role the content can make in boosting the omnichannel customer experience. Focus on developing distinctive content across all channels can work wonders in boosting audience engagement, driving business, and building a robust brand image.

To create great content, it is pivotal to lay special emphasis on the look & feel of the presentation of the content with great design & infographics. The content must also align with the customer’s requirements to stay relevant.

4Well-defined FAQs Section:

Gone are the days when customers used to prefer calling customer services for every tiny issue. Modern customers are technologically advanced and want to fix their doubts and issues on their own. It is important to create a comprehensive and well-defined FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the website which facilitates the customers in finding a quick solution to their problem. This will not only save their time in calling customer services but will also have a favourable impact on the efficiency of the customer service team.

5. Live Chat Option:

Customers across the globe are welcoming the live chat option as it offers a faster solution to their issues. Companies are assigning a dedicated employee to resolve customer’s issues on a live chat as well as in building AI-powered Chatbots to uplift the user experience and nurture sales.


To take Omnichannel customer experience to all new heights, it is crucial to understand & strategize the consumer behaviour across channels. Social media can play a key role in this success story. It can facilitate in performing online behaviour searches of the customers to ensure the solution stands tall on their expectations. Performing customer segmentation is also very important to analyze dynamic consumer behaviour and bring more personalization to the interactions. Companies must empower their customer experience team with newfangled marketing automation tools to execute the strategy and nurture a customer-centric mindset to create that ‘WOW’ omnichannel customer experience.