Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers

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You’re probably here because someone told you, “You ought to start a blog!” so you did… And now you don’t know what to do next.
Here’s a long list of blogging tips that every blogger should have in their lists of ideas and things to do.

  • Start by writing something EVERY single day. Don’t worry so much about what, just write. The more you write, the better you’ll be. The better you get, the more interesting your content will become.
  • Write about what you already know. Don’t try to reinvent yourself on your blog. Write what you know, what you already have an interest in, and to those people who are already your friends.
  • Don’t try to impress anyone with your first blog post. Just write it. Get started. If you don’t ever start, you’ll never get anywhere, so start. Write the first post.
  • Share it. I know it probably isn’t the most impressive thing on the internet, nobody cares. Share it. Tell your friends. Tell your family, and convince them to at least go read it. Leave a message, and the comment on their message.
  • If someone asked you a question in the responses, WRITE another blog post to answer their question. Expand on the answer a little bit, and link to another website, so they can find more information by clicking the link.
  • Always invite people to comment on what you write on your blog. You want comments. You need interaction. Ask for it.
  • Visit other people’s blogs similar to yours, and invite them to visit you. Don’t place links in the comment, put the link in the space provided. Be sure your link is correct (copy and paste it if you have to).
  • Don’t accept ALL comments on your blog. If they don’t pertain to what you wrote, or they’re selling something you don’t support, delete them.
  • As you add more blog posts, concentrate on finding the common topic of your blog. What is it you write about most. That’s your passion. Keep writing.
  • Any blog posts you started but don’t finish… Either finish them, or delete them once a month. Otherwise, they’re just taking up space in the background.
  • Keep visiting other people’s blogs and sending them back to your blog.
  • Keep sharing your blog with others on social media, with friends. Share it everywhere.
  • Promote other blogs you find interesting. Invite other bloggers to share your content on their blog. Guest posting and interactive sharing brings more readers.
  • Find products and books you can review that are relevant to your topic. Write about them, review them, and link to them.
  • Remind your readers, “Visit my links and read my blog posts.” Whenever you’re writing on forums, or other spaces.

Are you ready to start blogging?

Source by Jan Verhoeff