Can Instacart Deliver Grocery to the Hotel Room?

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Can Instacart Deliver Grocery to the Hotel Room?

With a substantial surge in tourism and business travel, a vast majority of the people today spend a significant period of their time inside hotel rooms. As hotels offer food & beverages and other grocery items at premium prices, there was a rising urge among hotel guests to get meals ordered from outside. Hotel guests […]

How Do Top 4 Industries Implement CPaaS Enablement in their Operations?

In the last decade, CPaaS enablement has emerged as a boon for service providers. There has been a substantial rise in communication service providers relying on CPaaS to deploy their critical business applications.  CPaaS enablement is a process that allows software developers to introduce real-time communication features to their applications without developing backend interfaces. Thus, […]

Tata Motors is planning a Rs 15,000 crore investment in electric vehicles

MUMBAI: According to a top executive, Tata Motors would invest up to $2 billion (Rs 15,000 crore) over the next four years to introduce 10 new electric cars, while its larger passenger vehicle sector — which was losing money until recently — wants to turn around and produce free cash flow by 2022-23. TPG Rise […]

How Can Telecom Companies Make CPaaS a True Success?

CPaaS is the buzzword in the telecom industry. The acronym stands for Communications Platform as a Service. CPaaS is a cloud solution that plays an instrumental role in enabling corporates to add real-time features such as – messaging, telephony, etc. to their communication platforms and business applications. This makes the communication tools more intuitive and […]

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Grab the opportunity and expand your reach directly to the users, who have a great craze of Sports and never miss an opportunity to be a part of the game, through a fully functional Fantasy Sports App. The cost to develop a fantasy Sports app like dream11 is somewhere around $15000 to $20000. Is that suitable for you?
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