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Many people are into blogging and making it big in it, but some never thought of researching the history behind it. It is my opinion to let you know that Blogging started out years ago as a way for people to connect to others and share pictures, stories and experiences. It was considered to be a great personal journal type tool that one could use to leave their mark on the internet through their encounters. Blogs then evolved to become excellent Marketing Tools as well as a medium to make money on the internet.
Blogging is one of the most successful, easiest and very profitable options on the Internet to make money online. Now, let me show you some important points on how to launch a successful blog which can helps you to make a handsome amount of income monthly.
There are many options available nowadays for free blogging as well as paid ones.
There are many websites that provide free blogging options like Blogger, hubpages, Twitter (micro-blogging), etc. You can even try which is a premium and much advanced blogging software and is easy to maintain as well.
When you start blogging, you need to see on which niche you would like to start. For example, you can create a blog on health, work from home, entertainment, gaming and more. You can even create blog for your company to provide daily updates and important news and events. Blogging has become one of the ways of life for many people; it helps them keep connected with the world.
Now, if you are using your blog as a promotional tool for your online business, you need to keep these things in mind:-

  1. Update your blog daily

  2. Allow comments on the blog but monitor them

  3. Provide quality content and information on your blog

  4. Drive traffic to your blog and

  5. Monitor your blog with AdSense, CPA, CPS, banners and more.

There are a few different ways to one can earn income from blogging. Which includes:
AdSense ads– This is one of the popular search engines which offer a way to earn a little extra money with any blog or website. The idea is to place these ads on your site and when a visitor clicks on an ad from your site, you earn a pre-determined amount of money. The more clicks you can get from your site visitors, the more you can make. There are some rules, so if you choose to go this route, be sure to learn what to do and not to do before signing up for their programs.
Product Reviews– There are some websites that you can sign up with that can help you connect with other companies who need people to review their products and get them some exposure on your blogs. Usually the main requirement for this is to have a blog that’s been around for awhile and has a fair amount of visitors. Those companies would pay you a specified amount to review their product on your blog.
Once you start driving traffic to your blog, it’s important that you monitor it using your web stats and earnings. In this way, you will know which campaign works the best and giving the highest amount of ROI. Find out other many ways to make passive income monthly blogging on a niche you already know better. Learn more here.

Source by Joseph Iredia