Go Through 10 Web Design Trends That Will Transform Your Business

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Surviving in the online world is no small deal. The ever changing web makes it difficult for the businesses to sustain their growth and position and a single mistake can lead to a doom in their business. In the same way, following the latest trends allows the businesses to grow and prosper and this is where experts and professional help comes into the picture.
With the growing requirement of web designing, there has been an increase in web designing services. All these technologically sound countries have an established IT services sector where all development and designing work takes place.
10 Trends that will help you ‘Transform’:
If your website is old, it definitely needs a makeover. For a professional and trendy looking website, you need to contact a web designing company take their assistance in getting the things done. The ten trends that you must follow right now are:

    • Full Width Graphics and Videos: A picture is worth a thousand words and it holds true in the case of the digital market. These days, the internet speeds are going up while data charges are going down. Consequently, people are able to access more graphical content and that is why it is time to incorporate more graphics and videos in your website. Instead of giving product descriptions, you can create description videos and many other such things which will allow for a more lively and interactive looking website.
    • Go Mobile: If your site is old, chances are that you’re still not optimized for mobile viewing. Thus, the first thing would be to get it redesigned in RWD format and make it mobile compliant for getting the maximum number of people to visit your site.
    • Sticky Navigation: Since pages are becoming longer, people tend to lose interest if they have to scroll up and select next page or previous page. For this, using a navigation bar that constantly sticks to the top of the page is a great way to provide your visitors with all the links whenever they want.
    • Modals and Pop-Ups: Modals and Pop Ups are a great way to drive the attention of the visitors. With pages becoming longer and people becoming increasingly impatient, it is very important to focus their attention to the call to action button and for that, a well-timed pop up or a large modal button can be a great method.
    • Less text, more content: Since people don’t read everything you post, it is very important to make them understand the primary objective of your posts. For this, using different font styles, precise writing and use of bullets and numbering are the recommended and trending methods. Optimize your content in this format and you’ll surely have more people interested in reading your posts.
    • Cleaner and Simpler: With material design becoming a huge trend, focus is on offbeat colors. According to a study by a major Graphic Web Design Company, people prefer simpler and cleaner looks as opposed to the older jammed and crammed up websites.
    • Live Chat: Another wonderful trend to follow is the incorporation of live chat feature. With live chat, you can engage with the visitors as and when they visit your site and the chances of converting your visitors becomes high.
    • One Page Scrolling: It is easier to scroll than to click on buttons, especially in mobile. Because of this, one page scrolling has become a major web design trend and people are following it for the sake of convenience. So, for getting more people to like and share your mobile site, try going for a one page scrolling at least in your mobile website.
    • Tile Based Design: If you own an eCommerce website, then tile based navigation as is Windows phones and OS is a great way to organize things. People like it when things are organized and a tile based design is great for eCommerce and photography based websites.
  • RWD: Responsive Web Design is important and everyone knows it now. By going RWD, you ensure that your site is fit for any type of screen and this is what makes it more desirable. Even though RWD is not a new trend, you need to necessarily follow this trend if you want better results.

Source by Arpita Singh