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Guest blogging is a method adopted by bloggers for increasing visit of more audiences to their blogs. For this, they write posts for publishing on the blogs of other bloggers. As a blogger, you may write a post for appearing on the blog of another blogger. Alternatively, another blogger may write a post for appearing on your blog.
Guest Blogging is a strategic initiative for getting advantages by penetrating into the domain someone else. It therefore requires a lot of home work to be carried out. Your post must make a two-way effort of benefiting the host blog and at the same time, and reaping the benefit for your own business.
Besides strengthening your business relationship with an accomplished publisher, Guest Blogging may benefit you in any of the following ways-

    • Being in the content marketing, you may be well-versed with your topic but have no independent identity of your as such. You are a nondescript as far as content market is concerned but guest blogging may make you acquainted with your prospective clients along with some authority. You need to submit maximum contents within the shortest time.
    • Adding more traffic to your site does not necessarily draw more audience because traffic can be bought through pay-per-click or alternative means of advertisement. But traffic generated from a guest blog yield you a group of audience that is curious to know what you say. This creates an opportunity for you to convert them for a long-term business relationship.
    • Guest blogging builds up the network of your publisher by enlarging their connectivity with accomplished publishers. If you establish a good rapport with your parent blogger, you may succeed in getting a tweet or a link from him that would take you a long way towards getting an independent identity in the content market.
  • Guest Posting enables you to get a relevant, natural link by the use of anchor text of your choice.

The following are the tips that may interest you

    • Before submitting your post on another person’s blog, get information about the contents and audiences of that blog and their comment about the blog.
    • Make a convincing approach to the other blogger with regard to your credibility and your strong points why the guest blogger’s audience would like to read what you write.
    • Provide latest statistics about your blog with regard to unique visitors month wise supported by your rankings made by Google, Alexa and Technorati.
    • Instead of buttressing the other blogger with undue pampering, present yourself with facts and figures in an honest and straightforward manner. Value for the other person’s time. Avoid furnishing flowering data about yourself.
    • Make the other blogger realize that you are well-versed with the blogging activities and that your contents will be unique and will not pose any copyright problem for him.
  • Convince the other blogger that your contents will be coherent and compelling, providing links to your blogs and samples of online writing.

Source by Devjeet K Singh