IPL 2021: All playoff scenarios for the eight teams, the race is heating up

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IPL 2021’s playoff competition has heated up. Bangalore defeated Punjab to advance to the playoffs for the third consecutive year. Both the Chennai Super Kings and the Delhi Capitals have advanced to the playoffs.
Only one playoff position remains, and statistics indicate that any of the three Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, or Rajasthan Royals clubs might win it. Punjab has a chance to qualify as well, but it’s more of a numbers game for them than cricket.

In this second part of the IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders have produced a fantastic return. Even if they did not qualify based on the points table, their case for it has been enhanced by their win over Hyderabad. KKR, who have played 13 matches, have 12 points and are in fourth place in the points standings, the penultimate qualifying spot.

The team with the best chance of making the playoffs is Kolkata.

Kolkata, under by Eoin Morgan, would almost certainly qualify for the playoffs if they win their final league match against Rajasthan on Thursday. This is due to the fact that they have the best net run rate (0.294) of the three teams.

The Kolkata club, though, will have a chance to qualify even if they lose this match. If Rajasthan loses to Mumbai on Tuesday and Mumbai loses to Hyderabad on Friday, Kolkata would comfortably qualify for the playoffs.

Both matches must be won by Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s next two matches would be exceedingly difficult. With 10 points after 12 games, the squad is presently sixth in the standings. If Rajasthan wins both of their matches against Mumbai and Kolkata, they will qualify for the playoffs. For Rajasthan, beating Kolkata is more essential than beating Mumbai. Rajasthan will be eliminated from the playoff chase if they lose to Kolkata.

The outcome of the matches between Rajasthan and Kolkata will determine Mumbai’s future.

With 10 points, Mumbai is presently ranked sixth in the points standings. Rohit Sharma’s team’s chances of making the playoffs are contingent not just on their victory, but also on the results of the Rajasthan and Kolkata matches. On Tuesday, Mumbai must first defeat Rajasthan. They’ll have to pray that Rajasthan beats Kolkata in their next match.
Not only that, but they must defeat Hyderabad in their last league match to qualify for the playoffs without having to worry about the run differential.