Is Metaverse making work from remote easier for all?

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In the year 1992, when the term Metaverse was used in the sci-fi novel Snow Crash, little did we know that 25 years down the lane, this imagination would start becoming reality.  Metaverse means “Beyond Universe”.  In the pre-pandemic times, working remotely was not an accepted norm. The main challenge that most people working remotely faced is the lack of understanding the body language. When telecommuting, many users complain of the inability to read body language and communicate effectively. The team leads and managers struggle to maintain visibility and lack an in-depth understanding of team productivity. Besides, owing to the prolonged absence of in-person interactions, there is a risk of disengagement. The metaverse creates an immersive virtual workplace where 3D avatars of employees can work together just like in the real world.  They can interact and have an in-person meeting in 3D avatars. This helps to eliminate the complaints that ensued due to telecommuting.

It also helps to visually tackle some of the problems that are not possible in online real interactions. For example, if a person is looking to create a house and architectural visualization needs to be made then multiple changes often make the process tedious and costly. In a 3D model, visualization is virtually easier, and real-world specifications can be replicated too with the help of digital twin technology. This helps to solve problems smartly and quickly. While working remotely 3D visualization of the project and showcasing the same becomes a boon for both the entities.

Another feature of metaverse that truly makes it a favourable choice for remote workers is the infinite space and interoperability. There’s no limit to the available space or features you can use. You can simply add extensions to the whiteboard. Metaverse is highly interoperable, so you can gain from feature-rich collaboration experiences without spending on building the infrastructure.  

In a virtual workplace, you are equipped with digital whiteboards, digital workstations, etc., and your 3D avatar can meet face-to-face without any complex and costly teleconferencing systems.  You can create an entire virtual campus inside the metaverse at a fraction of the investment required in the real world – powered only through the cloud.  The future of remote working with metaverse in place seems to be quite exciting. How do you visualize yourself there?