Unique Properties of Gold

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As we all know about gold. It is one of the precious metals found on earth.It is commonly used in jewellery. But we are going to tell you about some unique properties of gold.

Highest Ductility

Ductility is the property of a substance or material which shows that how much thin wires can be drawn of that substance. Most of the metals have this property.

Gold is the most ductile metal on earth.This is because of softness of Gold. It can be stretched and deformed easily.

It can converted in wires of thickness five microns (5*(10^-6) meters).

2.822 km long wire of thickness 5 microns can be drawn from only 1g of Gold.

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 Highly Reflective Nature

Gold is highly reflective towards heat and light.

Due to this property of gold , It is used in the visors of space helmets.

The visors of astronaut’s space helmets have a very thin (nearly 50 nanometers) coating of Gold.

It is partially transparent so that the astronauts can see through that. But it reduces the glare and heat that comes from sunlight.