What Makes Custom Web Development Better Than the Ready-Mades Platforms

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The word “Custom” makes up the overall difference that can put any perspective business owner in dilemma while going for web applications. When there is choice, there is always a possibility of mistakes and it is this possibility that makes reasonable analysis very critical before we make a choice. Especially, in business that involves hefty money, such choices should be made after solid research and well informed retrospection on cost as well as Return on Investment.
There are two options for business in Web Application Development: Custom or Ready-Made. Custom applications are developed from the scratch, especially to attain the business objectives. Its features are designed and developed according to the exact and unique requirements of the enterprise. Whereas, ready-made ones are prebuilt platforms featuring various sets of facilities. These platforms are customized to certain extent per the needs of businesses. WordPress and Shopify are such ready-made platforms that are popular among enterprises.
There are certain advantages and disadvantages of going with either custom-made or ready-made applications. Both scores in their own ways, but it can be argued that a custom application is always better than the other one. There are several reasons for it:

  1. Using a custom application means using one’s own system and being independent. Any changes or customization required in the application can be achieved through own developers. Furthermore, it is always easier to meddle up with one’s own creation in order to develop it further.
  2. Meanwhile, using a ready-made application means working on something that is already developed. Although there are many applications that are open source, most of the popular applications has their own dedicated teams for development. They have the actual key that fits into the platform. It is simply not possible to use these platforms fully, without their assistance.
  3. On the other hand, since the control of custom applications are generally under-house developers, they are secure. The security features securing the codes can be added to make the application immune to external threats like hacking. In contrast, a larger part of the ready-made platforms is always under the control of the service providers.
  4. The scalability feature is among the most crucial advantages of custom made applications. Even ready-made applications are scalable, but to access or use their actual features that count, it would always involve a good money.

Apart from these, there are many other advantages that make custom web development the most returning or amicable choice for enterprises. A major reason for choosing ready-made applications is the cost factor for businesses. Most of them are free or can be bought at nominal prices. However, in the long run, it is always the custom ones that turn out profitable. Although, the basic platforms appear cheap or even free, they can burn a big hole in your pockets once you begin to use them in real time. The worst case is when enterprises reach a point of no return, while going on with such platforms to end up wasting money as well as time at the cost of their businesses.
Source by Kumar Samar